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The Cyprus Diaspora Forum, founded by Paul Lambis, is a four-day physical and virtual B2B event that will bring together Cypriot diaspora communities, prominent figures from Cyprus' public and private sectors, media, academia, and civic society with the goal of recognising and promoting the importance of Cyprus' diaspora while strengthening relations through entrepreneurship, innovation, philanthropy, cultural and social engagement.

In addition to prominent business professionals and talented Cypriot Diasporans who will be attending the event, the Cyprus Diaspora Forum has attracted a high level of interest from HNWI and foreign investors interested in the island's growth sectors and its unique investment opportunities.

The event has also piqued the interest of local and international communities interested in networking with Cypriots of the diaspora in their home countries, engaging with Cypriots who have relocated back to Cyprus, and hearing about the multiple advantages of Cyprus from foreign nationals who have either invested or established permanent roots on the island.

The Cyprus Diaspora Forum offers outstanding partnership opportunities, topics of discussion, an online exhibition, and the coveted CYDIA AWARDS 2024, which will be held on the final night of the Cyprus Diaspora Forum. This exciting initiative will allow Cypriots of the diaspora to connect globally and showcase our wonderful island to the world.

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