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Silver Thespian is a Cyprus-based independent theatre and film production holding company founded by director, producer, playwright and screenwriter Paul Lambis. The company has been producing theatre and film for many years and has a regional, national, and international reputation for first-rate stage and film productions.




"If you don't laugh at life,

  life will laugh at you." - Paul Lambis


From the start of the show, Paul Lambis' comic appearance sets the tone for what would be ninety minutes of continuous laughter.

The core subject revolves around the life of a Cypriot family (his own) who lived in South Africa before returning to its home-country.  Each member represents a typical Mediterranean character: an over-protective mother, an authoritarian and homophobic father, and children who continuously strive to gain some freedom and independence from their loving parents.


Lambis turns his own self into derision, laughing at his overweight stature and making fun of his friends and family without whom life wouldn’t be life!



74 centres on the lives of three women, and the gross injustices perpetrated against them, following the 1974 Turkish invasion of Cyprus.


Paul Lambis’ war drama is a story of love, loss, life and death, seen through the eyes of these symbolic women, each one representing a town under Turkish occupation: Kyrenia, Morphou and Varosha.  These powerful figures are united by one constant that anchors their stories and ties them all together:  their hope for their island’s re-unification.



14 March 1957. The island of Cyprus is under British colonial rule. Evagoras Pallikarides, at the age of 19, is sentenced to death by hanging. As he proudly heads toward the gallows, he softly sings, “I’ll take an uphill road. I’ll take the paths to find the stairs that lead to freedom.” His final wish was to be the last person to be executed by hanging.

His conviction and execution caused an international uproar and condemnation of the British colonial powers. This led to the quashing of the death sentences of another 26 men who had been sentenced to be hanged.



Callas tells the life story of the legendary Greek/American opera singer completely in her own words.  The theatrical production reveals the essence of an extraordinary woman who rose from humble beginnings to become an international superstar and one of the greatest artists of all time.

This was a woman who was hounded by reporters all over the world, and defined by her relationship with the press.  A demanding perfectionist, Maria Callas believed that two different women lived in her: Maria, the woman who yearned for a normal life; and Callas, the public figure and icon with a notable reputation as a tempestuous diva.

An intimate revelation of the torrid love affair between Maria Callas and Aristotle Onassis, Paul Lambis sets the stage for a Greek tragedy that recalls the tangled web of desire and deceit.



Staged to sell-out performances in Cyprus, Greece and New York, and winner of the "Best International Show" at the United Solo Theatre Festival in New York, Melina: The Last Greek Goddess is a one-woman play, which brings to life the dynamic, larger-than-life persona of Melina Mercouri, whose international acting achievements on stage and screen, and her zestful commitment to Greek art and politics, defined her as Greece’s most celebrated national heroine.


Poignant, passionate, seductive and controversial, the play illustrates a remarkable life of a political activist who sought to symbolise the soul of Greek national identity.  An outspoken woman of principle, Melina was a strong advocate for the return of the Parthenon Marbles, from the British Museum to Greece.​ This exuberant production creates a gripping theatrical experience and features compelling music that exists as a trademark for Greece.

Written and Directed by Paul Lambis

Co-written by Paola Hadjilambri



Based on his best-selling novel, Odd One Out, Paul Lambis returns to the comedy stage taking his audience on a humorous journey as he attempts to find a new way of living that will carry him into thin and beyond.

An unashamed revelation of binges, setbacks, explosive outbursts and ultimate success, this fast-moving show also delves into different aspects of life as seen through separate stories involving a wide variety of individuals, many of whom are shown to be interlinked as their tales progress.

Paul Lambis’ self-deprecating revelation is extremely sarcastic and utterly hilarious, and along with his epic lines of wisdom and snappy dialogue – creating high adventure and wild drama around the porous boundaries between fiction and real life, it makes for a laugh-out-loud experience.



Mikis Theodorakis’ spirited music and acts of political defiance is brought to life on stage through a stirring theatrical production, written and directed by award-winning director Paul Lambis.

Mikis showcases the prolific career of a legendary Greek composer, whose varied body of work ranged from sombre symphonies to Oscar-winning film scores.

Despite the hardships endured as a prisoner of war, and later while living in exile after a military dictatorship took over Greece, he managed to establish himself as a respected musician, revolutionising Greek music and politics.

Theodorakis’ life, struggles and his contradictions gave new meaning to freedom, culture, and art, leaving behind a lasting imprint on the cultural heritage of the world.


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